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Excerpt: The hope chest beckoned to her, and she kneeled before it. The workmanship was just so intricate. Two hearts entwined had been carved on the top. Looking inside, this time she took each item out and admired it. So many stitches and so much love went into the items. It would have been the most perfect gift. Baby booties, cap and matching blanket were so soft. The little gowns were crisp, and white all decorated with embroidery. They must have worked on it all year. She carefully and lovingly put each item back and got to her feet. She gently closed the lid. There was a reason it was called a hope chest and not a marriage chest. A body could always hope, but some hopes just died. That was just how life was. She crawled into bed, determined not to cry, but the tears came anyway. He hadn’t gone to Canada, not yet anyhow. She could feel him near, but what if that was just wishful thinking on her part? She’d done well all day keeping herself together. If she was going to cry, it would be better when Big Red wasn’t here. And then the tears didn’t stop flowing. She’d never use the aprons or the wedding quilt. She’d never have a child of her own. How long did one wait until it became the hopeless chest and the items given to another woman who still had hope left? There must be something wrong with her. The townspeople were just plain ignorant, but she had thought Swift Eagle understood her and was starting to care for her, even love her. What did she even know about love anyway? She’d made a huge mess of everything with her feelings. Tomorrow she’d go hunting, and no one would stop her. She had tried being the kind of woman who cooked and was good with the kids, but that was only a tiny part of who she was. She’d leave Big Red a note. He wouldn’t be happy, but he’d understand.


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